It has now been more than a year since the opening of the Decimas store at Plaza Rio 2 shopping center, with which the business relationship between Sport Street and Ruybesa began.

Since then we have had the pleasure of being in charge of supplying and installing a Digital Signage system, composed of different large-format displays of both LED and LCD technology, for different brands of Sport Street, contributing to the integral technological renewal that this company is developing.

The digitization of its physical stores is not the only initiative that this company has undertaken, this together with the renewal of their online stores and the work they are dedicating to the ecommerce platform is part of a reorganization strategy of their digital presence, of which we’re proud to be a part of.

Decimas, Polinesia and Invain stores throughout the Spanish territory equipped with the highest audiovisual technology to give a better customer experience to it’s multiple users. Currently, Sport Street is an example in digital transformation.