Ruybesa offers the latest audiovisual solutions for the cultural sector, with the aim of equipping the most advanced media facilities to consolidate and provide solutions to any communicative and informative needs. In addition, and considering that the new technologies go hand in hand with the new learning processes, it is of most importance a renovation and implementation of projects in educational institutions.

Thanks to the technological advances in LED lighting, the media frontage has become an effective way in the Cultural and Educative centers, to transmit sensations and artistic contents. It is the combination of art and technology oriented to  strengthen the corporate identity of your business.

We create programmable light systems, from simple light animations to complex audiovisual messages. We use new generation hardware and the latest lighting systems. All can be integrated in new construction frontages and adaptable to already existing ones. We offer global solutions that include: design, installation, configuration and its implementation, as well as a support and maintenance department.

We offer communication solutions based on structured cabling installations, the basis for most voice-data, security, public address, digital signage and audiovisual systems. Thanks to our large experience, we design all types of networks with the care and precision that each establishment requires, carrying out robust and safe projects in:

Security in a commercial space includes several areas of action, from building surveillance, to evacuation systems. In Ruybesa we offer a comprehensive solution that guarantees the safety of its customers and the facilities. As a specialized company in this sector, we have the corresponding certificates that support us as a trusted company. Our areas of work include:

Audio Marketing transforms sounds or music into a conditioning of consumer behavior: he is more comfortable and he stays longer. The public address systems of Ruybesa, are characterized by innovation, versatility and security.


Our systems department develops and personalizes the software to control the PA system to adapt to the needs of your installation. Through the EASE tool, we carry out 3D modeling of each installation allowing the simulation of its acoustic behavior, obtaining exceptional levels of intelligibility and sound pressure. The installation of noise sensors permits to detect increases of the ambient sound and to regulate that zone with automatic volume control algorithms.


The advantages of the evacuation by voice over traditional systems imply to comply with the latest UNE EN-54 standards, especially important in spaces of public attendance. In Ruybesa we guarantee that the installation and all the used systems meet the requirements of the current regulations.

Ruybesa is reference in audiovisual solutions for the Cultural and Educative centers, making reality the communication and image projects into highly innovative, impactful and great quality visual formats. Customers such as CaixaFórum of Zaragoza, among others, rely on Ruybesa for the development of these new communication spaces in digital signage.

Our systems of management and control (BMS), centralize the information received through sensors located in all types of facilities. In this way, we control all home automation, immotic and security systems on the same monitored platform. From the same monitor can control access, identification of people, air conditioning, lighting, etc. Our BMS solutions include: