Today, more and more organizations leap to promote what is known as smart meeting rooms. These types of spaces represent a new essential way of working, improve productivity, promote teamwork and stimulate relationships between workers.

These types of working environments are inevitably linked to digitalization (of spaces). This new digital society makes us feel more comfortable every day with the use of technological platforms on which collaborative environments are established and are becoming a tool that provides a high added value both at educational and business level.

That is why from Ruybesa we strive to meet these needs offering always complete solutions that add value to companies, always adopting the latest technology available in the market. And it is precisely looking for this type of solutions where we have found a technological partner that offers a solution to many of the needs that arise in the meeting rooms of the 21st century.

ZOOM is a communication platform that converts any meeting room into a professional videoconference room. It combines communication, collaboration and content; and it not only serves for meeting rooms, it is also optimal for jobs or training rooms. Some of the advantages that your company may experience when installing a conference system like ZOOM are:

  • Save time and money by reducing business trips
  • Improve meeting activities
  • Promote better collaboration in projects
  • Reduce geographical barriers in organizational communication.
  • Increase employee participation and team cohesion with the use of video.
  • Train remote participants in various locations
  • Meeting solutions combine communications, collaboration and content to enable group work in real time from anywhere
  • Promote the design, creation and continuous improvement of new collaboration tools that allow organizations to create group working spaces

Gartner, the world’s leading research and information technology consulting firm, has positioned Zoom in the leader quadrant in the Magic Quadrant 2018 report. Here are some of the strengths that Gartner himself comments that ZOOM offers as a provider:

  • The Zoom service offers a robust set of video collaboration capabilities designed for ease of use, from desktop clients, conference room systems and mobile devices. Continuous innovation in its conference room environments is noticeable (with automation to join the meeting and smart devices).
  • The expansion in the Zoom market is impressive, with an increasing number of data centers and increasing adoption among buyers in older companies and higher education.
  • Zoom reference customers indicated that their consistency of service, reliability and video quality are compelling strengths.

From Ruybesa Global Technologies we offer a set of turnkey solutions for organizations to optimize the activities derived from communication and knowledge management of the company in order to reduce time and costs.