sala de reuniones


Major reference real estate developer in Spain goes once again to Ruybesa to provide its meeting rooms with audiovisual solutions, in order to support the different technological needs of today. The purpose once again is to create smart rooms, where innovation is a must.

And if anything should serve this type of space is to encourage the collaboration and the exchange of ideas, in constant growth, and it becomes more necessary to equip them with modern tools and provide flexibility for a better development of activities. Technology is our main ally in this aspect and can ensure that the entire process is translated over time into greater commitment and productivity on the part of employees.

It is a pleasure for Ruybesa that big enterprises of this level trust again on us. In the past, audiovisual solutions were provided for the visualization of data and the sound of its main meeting room, and on this occasion a wireless microphone system was installed in the boardrooms of its main office.

We hope to continue helping different enterrises to  stay at the forefront of technology.