Labels that change the prices directly, showing in the exhibition elements the price of the different products, taking them directly from a database and at the same time advertising for our potential customers. It is the innovation in retail that Ruybesa is already implementing, which has now a days more than 50 commercial television departments equipped with more than 5,000 devices with these new smart devices.

iLabel is a Ruybesa Product, developed specifically for consumer electronics retailers. The goal of ILabel is to show directly and effectively the information necessary to convince and, in this way, close the sale. It allows us to display technical characteristics, price, logos or whatever each client deems necessary to immediately attract the attention of the potential customer.

iLabel technology is based on our own content management software, iContent. This makes it possible to display, manage, and schedule the content that appears under the label. In this way, we ensure full control over all the information that appears on our devices.

Some of its main advantages are:

  • Multi-device (TV, Tablet, PC, Phone…).
  • Fully customizable, both aesthetically and in fields to be displayed.
  • Integration with databases.
  • Sales assistance.
  • Instant and remote update of the data and prices displayed.
  • Local or even shopping center modifications.

Currently iLabel is used on computers, tablets, mobile s and TV (via a player), but it is possible to develop for any other support or feature at the customer’s request.