Grenergy, a company that designs, develops and builds large scale renewable energy plants, has chosen Ruybesa for the installation of the integral security system in the Solar Plants of Cabilsol and Panquehue located in the Cabildo commune in the Region of Valparaiso, Chile.

This safety installation consists of two main systems:

  • Perimeter video surveillance system based on IP thermal cameras for intrusion detection connected to the multiservice fiber optic network in the plant, with false alarm discrimination.
  • Installation of anti-intrusion elements in processing centers, office and store.

Video surveillance based on thermal camera technology offers important advantages as a security system against traditional CCTV since it does not need light to work even in adverse environmental conditions (dust, smoke, fog, etc.) and is superior in the false alarms Discrimination.

The installation and commissioning of the same has been done in June this year.