The Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències is a large complex of scientific, cultural and entertainment dissemination, the largest center of these characteristics in Europe.

Inside you can find among other unique buildings, the Hemisfèric, with an ovoid cover of more than 100 meters in length, which houses a concave screen of 900m2 inside. This sphere is a projection room where it is possible to project such different systems as IMAX Dome large format cinema, 3D digital cinema or Full Dome projections.

This is not the first time that from Ruybesa we have supplied or installed different audiovisual components to this cultural complex. On this particular occasion, we have been awarded:

  • The extension of ambient LED light and digitalization of the audio signal of the Hemisfèric presentation area.
  • The supply and installation of the alternative planar projection system for multiprojection (3k 4k UHD 31,000 lumens LP projector). Which is intended for the daily projection of safety notices and information on the use of equipment, advertisements, trailers of different films and for all alternative content generated in different types of acts.