Logitech has recently presented/displayed wireless functionalities for small meeting rooms with the purpose of adapting the working spaces to the technological needs of the present time.

The demand of small meeting rooms is growing with time and it becomes more necessary to equip them with modern tools in order to provide a larger flexibility for a better development of the activities and a better  performance of the employees, that translates in a greater commitment and productivity with time.

Examples of meeting rooms equipped with this type of technology are those of the Financial City of the Santander Bank in Boadilla. In this case in individual, solutions like the Logitech Meetup have been implemented.

With Logitech Meet Up and a simple screen it is now very easy and economical to transform any small room into collaborative spaces. It is a USB plug & play solution “all in one” and it is installed in a few minutes. The wide-angle 120º of the 4k camera allows to visualize any participant and the three embedded microphones guarantee an excellent audio coverage. And there is always the option of adding a wireless microphone in order to create larger meeting rooms or with more people.