Ruybesa has earned the public tender for the hiring of the service of installation of the public address and voice alarm system in the complete enclosure of IFEMA.

It is not the first time that Ruybesa is entrusted to make a project in the Fair of Madrid. In the past it was already made the design, installation and maintenance of audio-visual solutions in the press rooms, hall and the  megaphone systems in the pavilions 12 and 14, whose maintenance has stayed to date.

At present, a more ambitious project is considered. The fairground account with 200,000 covered m² for exhibitions distributed in twelve pavilions, a necessary convention center as well as other spaces for its correct operation, with audience, assembly areas, restaurant and parking. The new installation will have to coexist with the existing one during the unfolding, so that messages with the old megaphone system can coexist in those zones of IFEMA where the new system is implemented.

The proposal of Ruybesa consists mainly on advanced systems of Audio LDA Audio Tech, manufacturers and designers of this type of solutions certified according to EN54 norm to guarantee the Maximum security. LDA has installed these systems in more than 1,000 projects and more than 50 countries in the world.

IFEMA, has an impressive numbers of visitors (more than 55 million) as well as exhibitors: more than 350,000 companies from its opening. A good operation of their system of emergency and evacuation by voice as well as the rigorous fulfilment of the corresponding engineering specifications, are crucial for the correct development of the activities that are carried out there.