cinco tecnologías para entornos colaborativos


The line between technology and the environment gets blurred as time goes by. True collaborative spaces are characterized by including a technology that helps people work better and achieve a well-being that allows them to be more productive and efficient. It is undeniable that technology has become a primary catalyst in achieving these objectives.

Here we leave you as a reference a small list with 5 digital tools that provide mobility flexibility to simplify work, optimize space management and improve your company’s collaboration.

  1.   Interactive whiteboards that allow better retention of knowledge and decrease the amount of information lost from the meeting.
  2.   Videoconferencing systems that help us save time and money on business trips and promote better collaboration between projects.
  3.   Global control of all audiovisual and home automation equipment in the room. From Ruybesa we can make total control of all AV equipment and even more specific things, such as controlling the shutdown of the equipment when there are no people in the room through presence detection.
  4.   Room reservation systems that help us keep real control not only of the availability and calendar of the room but of its equipment and functionality.
  5.   Wireless presentation systems to share ideas and content in a simple and intuitive way.

From our team, we like to differentiate ourselves by providing our clients with a professional experience created based on the digital environment. Complete audiovisual integrations, translated into turnkey projects, providing the value that each company needs, adapting to each sector and always working hand in hand with the best brands.

Although it is not possible to determine how fast businesses will adapt to these new needs in the labor market, what is clear is that organizations that fail to reinvent themselves will undoubtedly see their competitive advantage jeopardized.