An important real estate consultant with more than 200 years of history dedicated to Financial Services, comes to Ruybesa to help her to be at the forefront of technology and create a multidisciplinary room at its headquarters in Madrid. One of the conditions was that the room had to have a “WOW” effect to align itself with its brand image and at the same time give them the functionality of sharing information in meetings, conferences and training, allowing to view all types of content from different sources with high resolution, low consumption and durability.

Ruybesa gives several options and finally proceeds to the installation of a Led screen, tactile, of almost 5 x 2 meters and a pixel pitch of 1.5

Thanks to the functionalities of this large screen format, you can create an interactive experience that has become a key tool that maximizes your stay, its design and functionality have exceeded expectations, allowing you to view all types of content with great detail thanks to its high contrast and image clarity.

The installation has had to adjust to a very limited time, which has been a challenge for us as integrators. In addition, it was an unconditional requirement that it could be integrated completely with the rest of the audiovisual systems of the headquarters for the correct unification of resources and the ease of managing them.

A turnkey project, in record time, by Ruybesa.

Un proyecto llave en mano, en tiempo récord, a cargo de Ruybesa.