Elegance, design and functionality merge in the main room of the modern and minimalist Castillo de Torija.

The CITUG (Tourist Interpretation Center of the Province of Guadalajara) under the Provincial Council, is located in the courtyard of Armas del Castillo de Torija that contains the touristc elements of the Province of Guadalajara.

In this center dedicated to show the natural diversity, monumental wealth and popular culture of the province, is where we have proceeded to the installation of a videowall of 3 x 3 in order to give visual support to the physical exhibition that encloses these walls of stone.

The goal that was pursued was to give a greater visibility in a respectful way with the architecture for the correct integration of technology and culture. Ruybesa was the contractor for the supply, installation and configuration of this visualization system composed of a total of 9 screens of 46 “. With the change to the LCD, we have gained resolution and luminosity, a perfect tandem, already indispensable, to provide identity and vanguard to this type of spaces.

In short, Ruybesa’s solution tries to maintain this extraordinary promotional instrument for the commercialization of Guadalajara and its Province as an outstanding emerging destination within the panorama of domestic tourism in our country.