For many years the different brands of El Corte Inglés Group have resorted to the audiovisual solutions of Ruybesa for some of its most important shopping centers in Spain and Portugal.

On this occasion, the protagonist has been the Corte Inglés Costa Marbella, in Puerto Banus. On Tuesday, June 13 Ruybesa inaugurated the installation of a large led screen inside the enclosure in the lingerie section. Being the port of Banus, a place of welcome for a large number of foreign tourists and considered one of the best luxury destinations in the world, this Corte Ingles is located in a strategic place that makes it one of the largest and most important of Spain.

The screen that has been installed is a Led screen of four meters wide by two and a half meters high, with a pixel pitch of 3.9 that allows an optimal visualization of the contents, bringing the clients to the products. A modern technology that offers numerous advantages, besides saving on consumption and space.

The users of this type of commercial surfaces need to approach the information, being the technological innovation in audiovisual communication the key to provide this informative demand.